How to Join Twitter

If you do not already have a Twitter account, click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions:

If you have a Twitter account, here are instructions to participate in the Kings-Ducks hashtag battle:

1. Log-in to your Twitter account.

2. In your Internet browser, type
3. You are now on the official Kings Twitter page. Click the button if you don't already follow the Kings twitter.
4. Click the logo in the top, lefthand corner to return to your Newsfeed.

5. Under the "What's happening?" question, start typing your first tweet.

6. Make sure you include #GoKings (with no spaces) somewhere in the tweet.

7. Check the number next to the "Tweet" button. Make sure it isn't negative.
(If it is negative, you will have to remove a few words to make it 140 characters or less.)

8. Click the button.

Congratulations! You just took part in the Kings-Ducks hashtag battle.