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Monday, 06.12.2006 / 8:14 AM PT / Los Angeles Kings | News
Los Angeles Kings
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Every other Monday during the month of June, new Kings coach Marc Crawford will post his journal of thoughts on the weeks upcoming and past events. Be sure to check out each entry.

Marc Crawford Journal Entry one
June 12, 2006

Since being named head coach of the Kings, I've spent the last couple of weeks looking at the infrastructure of the organization. Obviously, Dean Lombardi has the job of looking at the whole organization, assessing what needs to be improved while building upon some of the things that have gone right here in Los Angeles. I've been doing that from a coaching perspective.

I've started mostly with my staff, getting a blueprint of the types of people I want. I've spoken to a lot of candidates who have applied for positions as assistant or associate coach, strength and conditioning coordinator, goaltending consultant and so on. On top of that, I've also had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of our players. A lot of the players are around the Los Angeles area during the summer time, so that's been really beneficial for me. It's allowed me to introduce myself to them and it's been very helpful.

I think you're always excited when you first get a job of this magnitude here in LA. But, the only way to move forward is to roll your sleeves up and start to get down and dirty. This is the work part of the job, especially when you don't have an existing foundation in place, or at least one that doesn't need some changes.

On top of that, we've looked at the infrastructure of the practice facility and other staffing. This is important to the chemistry of the group. We're looking at where we can make improvements on the whole.

Without a doubt, it has been extremely busy. Interviewing people and getting the right people is so important. You get the right people and they'll end up helping make the Kings better and, in turn, they'll end up making Marc Crawford better, and that's what I want to see happen.

I experienced the purest form of the job last week when Dean and I met with our scouting staff to take a look at what holes we need to fill in the line-up for next season. Trying to build a team based around the knowledge that we all have about the league and its personalities – that's the fun part. That's pure hockey and I just eat that stuff up. I could do that all day long. Just looking at the various options and saying if we can plug this hole here and move this person around there, how good can we be? That's exciting.

In my opinion, the Kings are an exciting group. We've got some young talented people who everybody in the organization, past and present, are excited about. The thing that makes me even more excited is the fact that Dean is so thorough and we're going to attempt to do this the right way. I think that's the only formula you can use. That doesn't mean it has to be exactly one way, but do it the right way and think in terms of the big picture. Does it feel right? Is it right? If you answer that honestly, then you've got a great chance to be successful in a very difficult business.