NHL Draft – A Look Back (part one)

Friday, 06.28.2013 / 1:47 PM LA Kings.com

This year’s (one-day) NHL Draft takes place on Sunday and begins at Noon (PT). LAKings.com will be at the Prudential Center in New Jersey and filing reports from the event and leading up to the Draft itself. Kings Vision will provide video interviews and clips featuring Daryl Evans and Jon Rosen, and Rosen will be providing content on LAKingsInsider.com. Also follow the Kings on Twitter -- @LAKings @KingsVision @LAKingsInsider -- Facebook and Instagram for exclusive photos and content.

Here, we look back at Kings drafts from 1967-1980. On Saturady we will look back at the Kings drafts from 1981-2012.

Larry Regan – General Manager from May 17, 1967 through December 17, 1973.


Round Player Position Overall

1 Rick Pagnutti D 1st


Round Player Position Overall

1 Jim McInally D 7th


Round Player Position Overall

2 Dale Hoganson D 16th

3 Gregg Boddy D 27th

4 Bruce Landon G 39th

5 Butch Goring C 51st


Round Player Position Overall

2 Al McDonough RW 24th

3 Terry Holbrook RW 38th

5 Billy Smith G 59th

6 Gerry Bradbury C 73rd

7 Brian Carlin LW 86th

8 Brian Chinnick C 98th


Round Player Position Overall

3 Vic Venasky C 34th

4 Neil Komadoski D 48th

5 Gary Crosby C 62nd

6 Camille LaPierre C 76th

7 Peter Harasym LW 89th

7 Norm Dube LW 90th

8 Lorne Stamler LW 103rd


Round Player Position Overall

2 Don Kozak RW 20th

3 Dave Hutchison D 36th

4 John Dobie D 52nd

5 Bernie Germain G 68th

6 Mike Usitalo LW 84th

7 Glen Toner LW 100th


Round Player Position Overall

3 Russ Walker RW 38th

4 Jim McCrimmon D 54th

5 Dennis Abgrall RW 70th

6 Blair MacDonald RW 86th

7 Roly Kimble G 102nd

Jake Milford – General Manager from December 17, 1973 through May 26, 1977.


Round Player Position Overall

3 Gary Sargent D 48th

4 Brad Winton C 66th

5 John Paul Evans C 84th

6 Marty Mathews LW 102nd

7 Harvey Stewart G 120th

8 John Held D 137th

9 Mario Lessard G 154th

10 Derrick Emerson RW 169th

11 Jacques Locas C 184th

12 Lindsay Thomson C 197th

13 Craig Brickley C 207th

14 Brad Kuglin LW 217th


Round Player Position Overall

1 Tim Young C 16th

2 Terry Bucyk RW 33rd

4 Andre Leduc D 69th

5 Dave Miglia D 87th

6 Bob Russell C 105th

7 Dave Faulkner C 123rd

8 Bill Reber RW 141st

9 Sean Sullivan D 157th

10 Brian Petrovek G 172nd

11 Tom Goddard RW 186th

12 Mario Viens G 197th

13 Chuck Carpenter C 203rd

14 Bob Fish LW 207th

15 Dave Taylor RW 210th

15 Robert Shaw D 213th


Round Player Position Overall

2 Steve Clippingdale LW 21st

3 Don Moores C 49th

4 Bob Mears G 67th

5 Rob Palmer D 85th

6 Larry McRae G 103rd

George Maguire – General Manager from May 28, 1977 through January 30, 1984.


Round Player Position Overall

5 Julian Baretta G 84th

5 Warren Holmes C 85th

6 Randy Rudnyk RW 103rd

7 Bob Suter D 120th


Round Player Position Overall

5 Paul Mancini LW 77th

6 Doug Keans G 94th

7 Don Waddell D 111th

8 Rob Mierkalns C 128th

9 Rick Scully RW 145th

10 Brad Thiessen C 162nd

11 Jim Armstrong LW 177th

12 Claude Larochelle C 193rd


Round Player Position Overall

1 Jay Wells D 16th

2 Dean Hopkins RW 29th

2 Mark Hardy D 30th

3 John Paul Kelly LW 50th

4 John Gibson D 71st

5 Jim Brown D 92nd

6 Jay McFarlane D 113th


Round Player Position Overall

1 Larry Murphy D 4th

1 Jim Fox RW 10th

2 Greg Terrion LW 33rd

2 Dave Morrison RW 34th

3 Steve Bozek LW 52nd

4 Bernie Nicholls C 73rd

5 Alan Graves LW 94th

6 Darren Eliot G 115th

7 Mike O'Connor D 136th

8 Billy O'Dwyer C 157th

9 Daryl Evans LW 178th

10 Kim Collins LW 199th

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