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Wednesday, 04.24.2013 / 12:27 PM LA

Drew Doughty recently answered the following questions about playing and living in LA

Q: What did you think of LA before you actually got here?

Doughty: I think the impressions originally were definitely the Hollywood situation and all the movie stars and what not and that it was going to be warm here but being a Kings fan when I was a kid I knew they had some history with some good players and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

Q: What do you enjoy most about living in Los Angeles now that you have for a couple of years?

Doughty: I love being here, I love the organization and I really like coming to the rink and if your kind of famous or you’re something like that, you can’t really live your normal life and I think we got a good opportunity out here with all the other distractions around you can just kind of be your own man and live just like any other person.

Q: How would you describe a typical Kings fan or Kings fan in general?

Doughty: The passion of the fans, they love their team and a lot of them have been with this team even when they’re not a very good team and down in the lower end of the standings and what not and they stuck around and just kept waiting for us to finally make a run at it and we finally go do that for them—you just see how happy and how proud they were of us and to be Kings fans.

Q: What is your favorite sports area or restaurant in the city and why?

Doughty: North End—I live down the street from there for a long time, and they have a good staff there, some good friends of mine and so it’s just been a nice place we can go and we hang out and play some pool.

Q: As for Manhattan Beach, how about a restaurant?

Doughty: Probably Katsuya in Manhattan Beach. I really love going there, I love my sushi. There are tons of sushi restaurants. The Strand House in Manhattan Beach as well, overlooking the ocean there, is a great spot too.

Q: And last thing, your favorite dishes at that restaurant—I guess you already described it, but what are your favorite dishes and what’s the scene like there?

Doughty: It’s a nice scene, it’s kind of more of a classy restaurant, rather than a, you know, a restaurant/bar kind of thing, which is rare in that kind of area. They have a good filet that I always like to get some good appetizers. The pizzas there are good, and the view is great. They have a lot going on for sure.

Q: Last question, when you’re not playing hockey or on the road, what do you most like to do when you’re home?

Doughty: I like to go for a walk on the Strand, go somewhere to eat and after that kind of just go to my house and enjoy my rooftop patio and look at the ocean.

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